1 Provence surgery, excellence in surgery

Provence surgery, excellence in surgery



Provence Surgery offers you easy access to the latest technology and a range of rehabilitation. Born from the desire to promote a subsidiary of innovative care and make the know-how developed in the Mediterranean region accessible to a larger number of people, Provence Surgery offers access to treatment of high standard under the best health and comfort conditions.


Aware of the importance you place on how your treatment is conducted, Provence Surgery offers you comprehensive management from the moment you arrive and provides all service making your stay a pleasant one.

This support is implemented from your first contact with us, by offering you a contact person who speaks your mother tongue and helps you with your medical contacts.

Provence Surgery puts you in touch with international experts who provide you with an exceptional standard of care.

As genuine coordinator of your stay, Provence Surgery relies on a group of professionals who are renown in the fields of surgery and rehabilitation.

Concerned about your wellbeing, your contact person will organise your arrival, transfer and activities and those of your companions to ensure your medical stay is a unique experience, which combines managing your medical needs with discovering a region with a rich historical heritage and culture and ready to meet all your expectations.