1 Bnooki.com: Revolutionizing Banking in Lebanon

Bnooki.com: Revolutionizing Banking in Lebanon



Are you looking for a loan to purchase a car or a house, to finance your business? You want to open an account or a savings plan? You want to buy a credit card? There are more than 25 banks in Lebanon active in retail. You can spend a week trying to call them one by one or visiting their websites for details, or you can go on Bnooki.com, a new search engine that includes all banking products in Lebanon and find what you want in a few minutes. Once you find what you want, you can calculate the payment or directly apply via Bnooki.com to any bank which is a premium account subscriber on Bnooki.

In short, Bnooki.com is a user friendly and freely accessible web based platform that includes full information regarding all retail products and services of banks in Lebanon such as loans, deposits, accounts, cards, etc.

Bnooki.com enables the end user to search for any product, service or bank according to her/his own criteria and preferences. Once the choices are narrowed down, the end user will be given the facility to immediately contact the offering bank via Bnooki and can even request to be called by the specific department of that bank. 

All definitions and explanations of technical banking terms will also be available and easily accessible on Bnooki thus allowing anyone to easily understand all needed information about any loan/account/card that is included on Bnooki. Additionally Bnooki has a specialized blogging feature where important informational articles regarding banking will be published and users can ask any question regarding any banking concept they do not understand. Also Bnooki includes all the locations of Bank branches and ATM’s on an interactive map. Even more, Bnooki includes a jobs section that allows anyone to apply exclusively to banking jobs.

Information on Bnooki will always reliable as it will be fed by the banks themselves and Bnooki’s Research Department will conduct permanent market research thus making sure all information is correct and up to date.

Bnooki.com’s mission is to bridge the existing informational gap between commercial banks in Lebanon and their potential customers. It aims at being the one stop spot for any person researching the products available in Lebanese commercial banks for the one which best matches her/his criteria. It also allows any bank to immediately and seamlessly communicate any of its products and services to a very well targeted user base in an interactive and flexible way. The end results will be more transparency, communication, understanding between banks and the public.