The First Egypt Card :
This new multimedia tool is a " credit card " shaped CD-Rom which can be read by any CD player. Its storage capacity is 30 MB. Your company profile will appear with a hypertext link towards your website or your e-mail address.

This card will be distributed free of charge to the egyptian decision makers in more than 180 countries.


- Directly to all managers and directors.
- Trade representations of foreign embassies.
- Economic institutions ( ministries, ICC, etc.)


Egyptian trade agencies worldwide.
- International Chambers of Commerce and Industry worldwide.
- International management and financial organisations : World Bank, R.D.E.B, I.M.F, E.U and Governmental Institutions.

NB : The First Egypt Card will also be available on demand.

The Web Site

Professionally indexed on all web-directories and search engines, it will be seen by over 200 million web surfers.
It is the egyptian companies reference web site which leads the websurfer to the best correspondent in accordance with his request.

The Booklet "First Egypt"

The " First Egypt" booklet : The publication remains the ideal complementary media to electronic ones.
Distributed free of charge to all the managers and decision makers of the country, it will also be available in all the main sales arenas in Egypt, international hotels, stationeries.