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- University of Balamand

The University is conscious of its role in building
future Lebanon on firm national foundations. It is
conscious of its educational-cultural role in the Arab
region and in the world. The University relies on
knowledge, openness, and dialogue as pathways
for cooperation and cultural development knowing full
well that development depends on interaction with
other cultures in order to further peace, justice,
and fundamental values.
The University applies the scientific method and
cooperates with leading universities in the world to
improve its program, and to provide new
opportunities for its students, it is open to the
world and particularly to those countries where
Lebanese and Arab emigrants live and thrive.

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University of Balamand

Deir El-Balamand, El-Koura
North Lebanon
Tel : (961) 6 - 930250
Fax : (961) 6 - 930278